April  25

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April  25

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Electric Vehicle technology has reached advancement perfection since 2008. Owning an electric bicycle is fun and saves travelers hundreds of dollars each month. Costs 1 penny per mile and when you add that up, an Ebike pays for itself the first year. A quality build goes maintenance free for well over five years. And promotes healthier air.



Electric Bicycle Complete or Conversion Kits Available

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Electric Vehicle Technology is here. Paying for all your travel costs upfront is what it's all about. Factor in the cost of your vehicle and you save over $1,000 year.  


100 volt 20,000 watt Bicycles provide amazing power

Lithium Batteries provide Long distance

Invest in high quality components to keep your Ebike on the road


 Lab Tecnnichians worked 24/7 on this four month "TOP SECRET" Hi-Performance build. Tested over and over again for reliability. Over engineered and backed by a "no questions asked" warranty. Become a proud owner of the #BEST Ebike available on the market today. Manufactured here in Philly.

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I will beat any price compareable to any ebike on the market new or used   Call or text 484-522-0695


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Mind stimulating thoughts  planning your next cycling adventure while remembering your favorite past activities puts your body and soul at ease.  Adrenaline  happens naturally like breathing.  A trouble free environment is confident and attractive exactly the same way that stress free thinking improves physical appearence.