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 Dr Chopper 8

E1 23,000watt Superior Electric Bicycle, 100v 30ah Battery mated to a 230amp Kelly Controller. Hi/Med/Low speed too. Enjoy a long day of riding easy or if you want to race than you know the power is right at your throttle hand. Motorcycle tires handles amazing and are less likely to get a flat. 


Best Electric Bike , Made in the USA

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Best Electric bike

Charge anywhere you have a regular wall outlet. All my bikes include a smart charger with a light that turns green when it's full.  Hub Motors are the most reliable over all other set ups. I am always available to answer all your questions after your purchase. Buy USA Ebikes for the best tech support and service with very fast response.  


Best  elctric bike Fastest Ebike!

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Electric Vehicle Technology is here. Paying for all your travel costs upfront is what it's all about. Factor in the cost of your vehicle and you save $1,000's per  year.  


100 volt 20,000 watt Bicycles provide amazing power

Lithium Batteries provide Long distance

Invest in high quality components to keep your Ebike on the road



"E1" 100v 30ah $7,000

"raptor" 72v 20ah $3200

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eMTB RAPTOR 72v 20ah 4,000watts  backed by QS Motor and powerful Kelly Controller. Hi/Med/Low speeds Large Battery box holds up to 100v 20ah or 72v 30ah for the biggest battery capacity available  over all other eMTB's on todays Market  


 You will be dealing with me directly so you can feel confident about your Ebike purchase. USA and worlwide shipping made easy. Highest standard quality priced right and much better than typical 750watt Ebikes  flooding the market. It's so nice to have an already upgraded bike right from the very beginning with no regrets.  I write a lot of articles and post as many YouTube videos as possible too.